BENEATH HILL 60 is an Australian War Movie set underneath the trenches of World War I. This never-before told Australian story is set in 1916 - where Queensland miner Oliver Woodward, under-trained and having never faced hostile fire before, finds himself on the Western Front, the bloodiest battlefield in history.

His new fiancée, 17 year old Marjorie, had pleaded with him not to enlist. She had only just discovered love and couldn't believe that it could be taken from her. But men with Woodward's underground skills are desperately needed to counter a deadly German offensive.



Young German coal miners, Ernst Wagner and Karl Babek have also been thrust into the war. They have been brought, along with thousands of other men and boys, from the mining villages in Bavaria.

The soldier-miners from both sides drive their narrow tunnels under no man's land. Attempting to out-manoeuvre and undermine each other they create a great labyrinth of tunnels. It's a silent and savage war where one tiny sound can turn a man from hunter to hunted, where skilled listeners are more sought after than fighters.

And after two years of claustrophobia and bloodshed, of triumph and heartbreak, it all comes down to a single moment. As infantrymen quietly fix bayonets in the darkness, Oliver Woodward crouches in a muddy bunker preparing to press a detonator that could change the course of the war....


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